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Protect the future you're building

There's no day like today to protect what matters most with life insurance

Three signs you need life insurance (today)

Ethos Life Insurance

Peace of mind for the price of a nice dinner

Life Insurance Rates

In just ten minutes, you could qualify for a policy that could protect your family for decades.

Monthly rates for $500,000 in coverage*

30 Year Old

Male          $21.78

Female      $15.12

40 Year Old

Male          $35.35

Female      $25.85

50 Year Old

Male          $67.27

Female      $52.38

*Example pricing for healthy, non-smoking males and females for a 10 year term life policy as of March 2022.  Your price is subject to underwriting

Life Insurance by the Numbers

  • 52% report owning life insurance in 2021--down from 63% in 2011

  • 6% of kids lose a parent by age 18*

  • 6 in10 say COVID heightened awareness of the value of life insurance.

  • 42% of the people who tested positive for COVID-19 say they're likely to get a policy

The three top reasons Americans buy life insurance?

  • 83% to cover final expenses

  • 68% replace lost income

  • 63% leave an inheritance

Prefer To Speak With A Life Insurance Professional Now?

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