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As a result of Final Wishes, individuals and their families can avoid the added burden of making death decisions without knowing the final wishes of the deceased.

Our free Last Wishes Planner, also referred to as memorial preferences, allows you to include instructions about your last wishes. Using the Last Wishes Planner, you can make arrangements for your funeral services and make other arrangements with clarity for your surviving spouse, partner, children, parents, or friends.


Give Your Last Wishes An Original Touch

For some people, memorial preferences are extremely personal. Others want their last wishes to make a lasting impression on the world, leaving a distinctive mark on it. A number of unusual last wishes have been made public by ordinary people. This book tells the stories of these remarkable people who left behind surprising instructions.

Create a video expressing your last wishes

In order to leave a lasting legacy, you should personalize your last wishes. The last wishes you make will be remembered for a lifetime by your family and friends. When you are creative or have something special to tell your survivors, you can capture an important moment in time with a last wishes video.

Using a video camera, you can create your last wishes video. You may also want to use a tripod if you are making your last wishes video alone. Saying goodbye to those you'll leave behind is an opportunity to comfort them. If necessary, record the conversation with the help of a friend.  

In addition to last wishes videos, estate planning documents such as wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills should also be made. For a complete set of estate planning documents, you should still complete a Last Wishes Planner like the free one offered on this page.  

You should store your last wishes video, along with your last wishes form and last wishes letter, somewhere that your executor or the person handling your final arrangements can access. In the same location as your other estate planning documents, you can store your last wishes video on a flash drive.

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