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Life Insurance

Life Insurance offered by Routt Insurance

Up to $2M in life insurance

Find peace of mind in minutes with Ethos offered by Routt Insurance

Get up to $2M in life insurance the easy way with Ethos. With no medical exam, just a few health and lifestyle questions, Ethos approves up to 95% of applicants in about 10 minutes through their 100% online application. Find the coverage you need from carriers you trust, with Ethos.

Types of Life Insurance


When initially purchased, term insurance is the most affordable type of insurance, designed to meet temporary needs. In general, it pays out a benefit only if you die during the term (the "term"). In many cases, this type of insurance makes sense when you need coverage that will disappear at a specific point in time. Depending on your financial situation, you may decide only to obtain insurance until you pay off a particular debt, such as your mortgage, or until you graduate your children from college.


Loans, credit card debt, estate costs, funeral costs... Most people leave unpaid expenses behind when they die, expenses that burden their families greatly. Life insurance can be used to pay off these debts, ensuring your dependents are taken care of in the event of your passing.


The purpose of universal life insurance is to provide more flexibility than whole life insurance by allowing the policy owner to transfer money between the savings and insurance components. Variable premiums are broken down into insurance and savings by the insurance company, allowing policyholders to adjust them according to their circumstances. It is possible to pay premiums with the savings portion rather than external funds if the savings portion earns a low return. In contrast to whole life insurance, universal life offers a variable rate of return on investments.


An investment component as well as an insurance component is part of a whole life insurance policy. A specified amount is paid upon the death of the insured under the insurance component. As a result of the investment component, a cash value accumulates that is available for withdrawal or borrowing by the policyholder. With whole life insurance, you can accumulate wealth as regular premiums cover insurance costs and contribute to equity growth in a savings account where dividends and interest can accumulate tax-deferred.

offered by Routt Insurance

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Don't take my word for it. Here are what some of my current client's say about working with me.

Diana Owen

Routt Insurance is very professional and I give it a five star rating. Rob is a great representative. He knows his business. He enjoys helping others get the best plan possible. You can’t go wrong choosing to do business with Routt Insurance.

Roy Noland

Robert from Routt Insurance is a very good. He gave advice and took care of my needs. Seems to care very much about me as a person.

Roberto Navas

Great guy always makes sure to explain stuff thoroughly definitely great to work with!

Claudia Baker

Rob has a caring presentation. He reviews your personal needs and then provides the best choices for you to choose. He shares his experience with each option so you can make an informed decision. Myself and my son will continue to utilize Rob for all of his offered services.

– Roy Noland (Tampa FL)

– Roberto Navas

(Tampa FL)

– Diana Owen

(Versailles KY)

– Claudia Baker

(Tampa FL)

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