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Mechanics for reducing plaque

Man Getting Teeth Cleaning
Clean Those Pearly Whites

Over the course of two days, a panel of MEA academic dentists discussed mechanically reducing plaque and maintaining optimal oral health.

In the first of its kind, the consensus led by Prof. Crawford Bain (Program Director Periodontology at Hamdan Bin Mohammad College of Dental Medicine) and Dr. Arwa Al-Sayed (Director of the Saudi Board of Periodontology and Chairman of the Saudi Fellowship in Implant Dentistry) was conducted over two days using the Delphi methodology. Focused on oral hygiene and tooth brushing habits.

Based on the initial consensus reached over the two days:

  1. Compared to manual brushes, oscillating and rotating power brushes appear to be more effective in both the short and long term. According to present data, over the short & long term, power brushes are better at maintaining oral health.

  2. Several studies have shown that oscillating-rotating powerbrushes last longer and perform better.

  3. Powerbrushes with Bluetooth capabilities and interactive apps can help children comply better. If parents and children are comfortable with powerbrushing, it can be started at any age.

  4. When it comes to reducing and preventing gingivitis in the long run, powerbrushes with oscillating-rotating action are better than others.

Originally developed as a systematic, interactive forecasting method, the Delphi method has evolved into a structured communication technique where a panel of experts provides their judgement in a series of rounds. Following each round, the facilitators would summarize the anonymous summary of the forecasts made by the experts as well as their reasons. By receiving feedback and replies from other panel members, the experts can revise their previous answers.


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