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Are there any low-cost or free health insurance plans available to me?

ACA/Obamacare Insurance is Guaranteed Issue

ACA major medical insurance is required under law to be “guaranteed issue.” That means you cannot be denied coverage based on health status (including pre-existing conditions), age, gender, or other factors.

However, you can be charged more for some things such as age, tobacco use, family size and geographic location.

Even though you can’t be penalized for not having major medical coverage under federal law, you should still consider these more comprehensive plans if you:

  • Aren’t already covered on a parents’ or employer’s major medical plan

  • Have a pre-existing condition – major medical plans are guaranteed issue so you can’t be turned away because of past health conditions

  • Qualify for a subsidy – you may be able to get a better ACA plan at a more affordable rate than you think

  • Rely on prescription drugs – major medical plans are the only plans that require drug coverage

  • Live in a state with an ACA tax penalty

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