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Affordable Health Insurance Solutions

Personalized, Affordable Healthcare Coverage

At Routt Insurance, we believe that consumer-driven healthcare will make healthcare costs simple, transparent, and affordable. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re ready to help you find a plan that suits your needs.

Health Insurance Alternative for Individuals and businesses with 3 to 200 employees. With lower out-of-pocket costs, individual plans are generally 40% cheaper than other Major Medical coverage. Nationwide coverage is provided by our PPO network, which is the largest in the country. With our employer group coverage, we offer a more flexible plan structure with considerably lower rates and fewer out-of-pocket expenses for individual employees. We will help you save money on premiums and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses by quickly and effectively satisfying claims.

Health Insurance
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Self-Employed/Small Groups

  •  40% Less than the ACA

  •  Nation's Largest Network

  •  Guaranteed Renewable

  •  Keep Your Doctor

  •  Choose Your Deductible

  •  20 Doctor Visits per Year

  •  Free, No-Limit Teladoc

  •  No Co-Pays/No Coinsurance

  •  Toll-Free Concierge Service

  •  Build the Plan that Suits You

Health Plans, Critical Illness Plans, Accident Plans, Specified Disease Plans, Dental Plans, Disability Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans.

Meet The Company

Get care 24/7, at no cost, for non-emergency conditions like cold, flu, sinus infections, rashes, allergies and more! Membership for Teladoc’s General Medical service is included in your plan giving you convenient access to board-certified and state-licensed doctors. Set up your account in minutes.

A concierge-style service that will work to help lower out-of-pocket medical bills over $2,500 to something more manageable. This Karis 360 membership is included in your plan at no added cost to you.

An additional opportunity to save healthcare dollars! Members gain access to doctors, hospitals, labs, imaging centers and home healthcare centers at discounted rates through MultiPlan’s PHCS Limited Benefit Network.

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