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Life Insurance Facts You Need to Know

Is coverage as expensive as people think? The numbers might surprise you.

Pop quiz: How much do you know about life insurance? Ask yourself these questions—and then find out the facts.

1) How many people own life insurance?

2) Most Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance. By how much?

3) What’s the #1 reason Americans buy life insurance?

4) What’s the easiest, fastest way to get coverage without hassle?

The amount of protected families has fallen

Answer: 52% of Americans reported owning life insurance in 2021. That’s a significant decrease since 2011 (63%). The numbers are concerning, considering 6% of kids will lose a parent before age 18, when they need financial protection the most.*

Life insurance is an essential safety net for families, providing financial support if the policyholder passes away unexpectedly. If y

ou have a policy, you can rest easy knowing your loved ones are protected, even if something happens to you.

Our partners at Ethos make it easy to get a quote online. If you’re ready to apply, it only takes a few minutes.

People overestimate the cost of life insurance…by a lot

Answer: More than half of Americans overestimate the cost of life insurance by at least 3x! Imagine the price of your favorite fancy cup of coffee, and triple it—sounds wild, right? Too many families are letting this misconception stop them from getting valuable coverage. By using a company like Ethos to find a policy, you

can see how certain factors, like term length or coverage amount, affect your monthly price.

The price of life insurance increases as you grow older, so it’s a smart move to take action sooner than later. Once you lock in your price, it’s set for the duration of your term length.

Our reasons for life insurance are deeply personal

Answer: Covering final expenses is the #1 reason 83% of Americans buy life insurance. Additionally, 68% of people got a policy to replace lost income, and 63% wanted to leave an inheritance.†

Whatever your reason, Ethos understands getting life insurance is anything but an everyday financial transaction. That’s why they approve 95% of people who apply—because protecting the ones you love most shouldn’t be difficult.

Take action to protect your loved ones

How to get life insurance t

oday without the hassle of medical exams or long waits? The answer is Ethos. In their application, you answer a few health questions instead of going to the doctor or taking blood tests. If you’re ready to make a plan for life insurance, start by getting a quick quote now.

*Death of a Sibling & Death of a Parent, 2021, Judi’s House/JAG Institute. All other data: LIMRA,

†LIMRA, 2021 Insurance Barometer Study


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